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Emerald Valley BCA (EVBCA) is a nationally sanctioned BCAPL and a regionally sanctioned Western BCA (WBCA) billiards league serving the players in Eugene/Springfield, Oregon and surrounding areas. 
Please visit the contact us page for more information about our league.  You can also find us at www.facebook.com/evbca
Thank you for your interest in Emerald Valley BCA!!
Eight-ball: Early November-late February
Nine-ball:  Early June-late September
Ten-ball: Late March-Late May.  This is a no pay session.
All EVBCA sessions are played on Monday evening at 7pm.  Locations are mostly within Eugene/Springfield with a few locations in outlying areas.


We are still waiting on a few scoresheets.  The final session stats will be posted as soon as possible. Thank you all for a great session :-). 

I apologize for the date error for the payout party.  The correct time and date are October 1st, 12pm, at Sonnys.  There will be a brief league meeting followed by a 9ball Blind Draw Scotch Doubles tournament.  If you have any questions, please let us know.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Dwayne Crabtree and family at the loss of Vicky Crabtree.  They have been league members longer than I can remember.  Our deepest condolences to the family.


Most of you have heard by now that Western BCA (WBCA) will be using Fargo ratings for divisions instead of the old rated player divisions.  They are still using the division names but the "rated player" lists are gone and no longer being used.  You need to register for your events using your Fargo rating. We understand the confusion and this will be changing throughout the next few events until WBCA finds what works best for the players and tournament dynamics. 

For the upcoming 9ball regionals in October, the divisions will be set by the following Fargo ratings:

     Men: 0-519=Open B, 520-599=Open A, 600-669=Master and 670 & up=Grand Master
Women: 0-419=Open B, 420-484=Open A, 485-549=Master and 550 & up=Grand Master

If you don't know your Fargo rating, you can go to   http://fairmatch.fargorate.com   and look yourself up.  If you don't have a Fargo rating, please contact Ryan for further directions, but you'll have one soon!!!  For more information, please visit www.westernbca.org or check out their Facebook page.  If you have further questions, please let us know. 

LINCOLN CITY, OREGON              OCTOBER 9-15, 2017

The Western BCA 9ball Championships are almost here.

There will be a "Fun Night" on Sunday, October 8th with minis, ring games and more. For more information, please check out the Player Information page, Eligibility and Team Formats page or go to the Western BCA website.  If you have any questions, please let us know.  Thank you!


These are links to some of the papers found in your captain' packets.  If you need any of these, please feel free to print them out.  We are unable to provide 8/9 ball score sheets on here due to the triplicate pages. if you need more score sheets, please contact Ryan.
8-ball Team Roster
New Player Roster Form
9-ball Team Roster
8-ball Captain Guidelines
10-ball Score Sheet
9-ball Captain Guidelines



If your team needs a sub, or if you would like to sub, please contact Shelly Huntoon at 541-729-5564.  If you have extra players on your team and the player sitting out wants to sub, PLEASE have them call Shelly.  We are always short on subs :-). 
Please call as early as possible to give Shelly time to find a substitute for your team.
Score sheets must be received/delivered by Friday. If a team continues to send in delayed stats, we will apply a penalty.  PLEASE call Ryan if you cannot get them in on time. 
Make-up games need to be completed within one week.  If there is a scheduling conflict, please contact Ryan and let him know.  Thank you!