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This information is received from various players. Please call the tavern ahead of time to confirm the tournament. If you know of a tournament that is no longer going, or an active tournament that is not listed, please contact us and let us know. Thank you.


Centennial Steak House:  Springfield, 2pm, $5, 8ball, 541-988-1324
O'Donnells:  Eugene, 3pm, $3,  Bar 8-ball, 541-688-4902


Linger Longer: Albany, 6pm, $5, 8-ball, 541-926-2174



Arlene's Cafe: Elkton, $5, 8-ball, 541-584-2555   
Buckhorn Tavern:  Dexter, 6pm, $5,  8-ball bar rules, 541-937-2542
Brownsville Saloon:  7:30pm, $4, 8-ball, house matches 1/2 the pot, 541-466-5251



Great Western Pub:  Cottage Grove, 7pm, $3, House matches pot, BCA rules, 541-942-5295   Noti Pub: 7pm, $3, Bar matches pot, 541-935-3068




Brew & Cue: Eugene, 7:30pm, $5, House matches pot, 8ball, 541-461-7778
B&B Lounge & Restaurant: Creswell, 7:30 pm, $5, Bar adds $3 per person, 8-ball BCA, 541-895-3952     Ma's:  Albany, 7pm, $3, 9-ball, 541-928-4055


O'Donnells: Eugene, 3:30pm, $3, 9-ball, 541-688-4902
B&B Lounge & Restaurant: Creswell, 6:30 pm, $5, Bar adds $3 per person, 9-ball, 541-895-3952     
Marcola Roadhouse:  Marcola, 6pm, , $5, 8ball city rules, every other weekend, call 541-933-2828
Ma's:  Albany, 7pm, $3, 8-ball, 541-928-4055